How I Made Giant Crayons

How I Made Giant Crayons

I made these fun large crayons to use as props for my booth, and many have asked how I made them.

Here’s how I did it:

First gather your materials:


- Large shipping tubes of any size (I used 34.5” tall and 4” circumference)
- Paper Mache cones (I used 12” tall and 4” circumference at the bottom)
- Gesso or white acrylic paint
- Acrylic paint in your choice of colors
- Large poster paper in your choice of colors
- Sharpies
- Colored markers
- Paint brushes
- Glue sticks and glue gun
- Painters or artists tape

Step 1: Prepare the Tubes
If desired, cut a few inches off some of the shipping tubes to have a variety of heights.

Step 2: Apply Base Coat
Paint two coats of white gesso (or white acrylic paint) on the top and bottom sections of the tubes and the entire paper Mache cones. This will prevent the acrylic paint from soaking into the cardboard, reducing the number of paint coats needed.

Note: I picked the colored poster board first, then took a clipping of each paper to the art supply store. I chose paint colors that were slightly darker than the paper color. I mixed paint to get just the right color in a few cases.

Step 3: Apply Acrylic Paint
Paint the tops, bottoms, and cones of the tubes with your chosen acrylic colors. Some colors may require up to four coats for an even finish. Let dry completely.

Step 4: Prepare Poster Paper
Measure the circumference of the tubes and add a few inches. Use this measurement to cut colored poster board to wrap around the tube, allowing for a couple of inches of overlap. Cut the paper to the correct width and varied height you desire for each crayon.

Step 5: Add Color Names
Using a Sharpie, write the color names on the paper. For best results, create the titles in a computer graphic or text program and print them out to scale. Rub a graphite pencil on the back of the printouts and place the printouts with the graphite side down on the poster board. Use tape to hold it down and carefully draw over the titles, leaving a faint trace in graphite to fill in with a black Sharpie. Fill in the color names with colored markers or paint. Option: add Black stripes on the bottom and top.

Step 6: Wrap Poster Board
Wrap the paper around the tubes, using a glue gun to attach the paper to the tube. Start from the same point at the bottom of each tube for uniformity.

Step 7: Attach Cones
Trim the painted cones at the bottom, a little at a time, until they fit snugly into the tube. Use a glue gun to attach the cones inside the tube.

Violá! Enjoy your cute giant crayons!

Tip: The crayons stood up fine on a solid concrete floor. But if you plan to use them on uneven surfaces like grass, they might tip over. So, I bought a bag of playground sand and large Ziplock bags. I put a few scoops in each bag and stuffed them in the bottom of the tube to weight them down. It worked!

I would love to see your crayons. Post them on socials and tag me @nikkiaugustcoloring

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